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Let there be Light

No matter what your political leanings are, you must agree with me that our country is in sore need of healing. The pandemic, political divisiveness, as well as numerous climate catastrophes have created one perfect storm of a very rough year for us all.

I can't control external events, but I can focus my mind on national healing. My friend Joanne May gave me this idea for a meditation, which I've been doing.

In my mind, I see a map of our country. Then I see points of light emitting from each state until the entire USA is awash in light. Finally I see Americans smiling, enjoying themselves and being kind to each other. It's a country humming with light and good cheer.

We all want to feel cheerful. During these turbulent times, we find various ways to soothe ourselves. Intense, dark chocolate is my daily friend. Plus, lately I found myself reaching for another, altogether different mood lifter.

You got it - COLOR - in the form of not one, but two, newly purchased vibrant scarves. In the two different moments when I reached for them, I felt an immediate ping of happiness. I marveled at how such a simple interaction could bring such immediate pleasure. Clearly, I was hungering for some happy time. These colorful fabrics brought some to me.

The colors?

Orange, Fuchsia & Magenta

Hot, Happy Hues !

Photo by Ray Greenfield
Photo by Ray Greenfield

I continue to be amazed by the power of color. The vibrations of light can bring us so much pure joy. Color is everywhere, surrounding us throughout each day, waiting for us to recognize and embrace it.

What colors make you happy? Do you surround yourself with them? If not, I encourage you to find ways to incorporate your happy hues into your life. Especially NOW. We need every moment of happiness we can muster.

If all else fails, there is always dog fishing.

Our beloved dog, Lucy, the jubilant victor with her "prey," my torn leather garden glove. We think she's attracted to its scent, the hunter in her loves the chase, and when she snares it, she delights in the chew.

She may be a cross between a Labrador (she's also a swimmer) and an Irish Wheaten Terrier.

Photo by Barbara Clare

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