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Color Play Day

My friend Jim is a brilliant artisan who's motivated by creative challenges. Over the years, he's created gorgeous, dynamic photographs, museum-quality furnishings, and stunning sculptural effects on the walls of his home.

Currently, he's perfecting his welding skills so that he can create light fixtures! He's already created colorful metal art panels and a sleek outdoor metal chair. All this he does just for the sheer pleasure of creating something beautiful.

One of his latest projects is designing and building two, seven-foot-tall Egyptian-inspired columns. He's adorned each one with incised, intricate patterns. The next step? Choosing colors for the columns.

Jim asked me and our metal artist friend, Jackie MacLeod, , to help him with the color selections. Turns out, Jim's vision is a bit color deficient. The common descriptor of his color vision is color blind, but in truth, he sees colors, he just doesn't see the family of red and greens as most of us do.

Color Mavens to the rescue!

Jim created different designs for the middle sections of each column. In the center photo, you can see the many color samples he made for us to choose from. Far right, 6' 2" Jim is standing next to one of his awe-inspiring, 7' columns.

Below, see Jackie contributing more drawings to the effort. Jim's lovely drawings are on the right. Cookies and chocolate are an indispensable part of our creative process!

Stay tuned for the final reveal...


Lucy Keenan
Lucy Keenan
Jan 17, 2023

Can’t wait to see! It will be gorgeous!


Jan 17, 2023

Wow! How wonderful to collaborate on such an incredible project. Looking forward to the finished piece!


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