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Fashionista Fantasia

Anthropologie retail display. Photo by Barbara Clare

Recently, I trotted over to a local Pottery Barn to purchase some throw pillow covers for our den sofa. Once at the mall, I glanced over at the Anthropologie store and thought, Hmm...why don't I see what Anthro has for pillow covers, they always have fun merchandise.

As always, I was delighted by Anthro's colorful displays and original, globally-inspired designs. Saturated magenta, red, orange, pink, teal, yellow, lavender, and blue were on display. Color me happy.

They didn't have pillow covers I could use, but they did have irresistible PJs in radiant hues and outrageous designs. I found myself smiling as I browsed the whimsical, eye-popping fabrics. Needless to say, I left the store glowing with my new PJs in hand.

I purchased the pillow covers at Pottery Barn and then took a spin through Crate and Barrel. (As a designer, I like to keep up on what's being featured in home furnishings.)

Walking into C & B thrust me into an entirely different universe. The contrast between C & B and Anthro was stark. At C & B, I entered a sea of beige punctuated by black. It was the 90s neutral look all over again.

During times of economic uncertainty, like now, folks tend to gravitate to neutrals. Neutrals are timeless. Neutrals are safe. Neutrals are clean and crisp. But....neutrals are also bland.

Crate and Barrel's neutral palette:

Even C & B's current art is uber neutral. Note the center painting below. Tone on tone whites. Contrast their painting to the Anthro paintings to its left and right. Colah prevails!

How do these paintings make you feel?

Granted, C & B sells rooms of furniture while Anthro's brick and mortar sells clothes primarily. You may be thinking, It's less of a commitment to wear a bright, colorful sweater than to choose a saturated hue for an entire wall or sofa. However, if you turn to Anthro's online furnishings store, Anthropologie Home, you'll find lots of color, even during these shaky economic times.

Check out the photos below of Anthropologie Home furnishings. Note that each sofa and wall is saturated in color. How do these rooms make you feel?

I modeled my new PJ pants for Ray, who has seen his share of high fashion. Whoa. They certainly caught his attention. He applauded my purchase. Seeing me pad around in my outrageous PJs put a smile on his face, too.

How do these PJs make you feel?

Anthropologie PJs. Photo by Barbara Clare

Bravo Anthro!

Thank you...

for lifting our spirits with your fashion forward exuberance.

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Norman Bloom
Norman Bloom
Dec 07, 2022

Spectacular PJs!!! Are Rays on order?


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