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My Process


My focus is on you

Walking through your space, I'll elicit your ideas, goals and color preferences.


How is the room used? What moods do you want to create? What do you want to emphasize?

I consider

Interiors:  natural and artificial lighting, building materials, furnishings, architectural style, how colors flow from room to room and how colors outside the room influence the colors inside

Exteriors:  the architectural style of the building, the hues of the surrounding landscape and the color schemes of neighboring buildings

Color samples

We'll look at large color samples to select the optimal palette for your space. When the colors are finalized, I'll provide you with large color samples and detailed color specifications.



I'll guide you through a questionnaire to clearly define your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. With this information, we'll determine your dominant color palette.

You're involved 

I'll place color samples beside your face while you're looking into a mirror to help you see what colors look best on you. You'll jot down our findings next to each hue on your color palette sheets. Being part of the process will help you more easily remember and understand each color choice.

Shopping tools

At the end of your session, you'll receive your own personalized fanguide - an invaluable shopping tool for selecting your wardrobe. You'll also receive a resource book filled with styling tips and shopping resources.


Material Selection

Color fills more than just walls: wallpaper, fabric, tile, carpeting, flooring... all add to the composition. With my input, your space will be color cohesive.

Furniture Selection

Stumped on what pieces to purchase for your home?

Engage me to help you make those selections.


Furnishings Placement

North, South, East, West - which furniture and art placement is best? I can help you make your rooms sing.

Discover the joy of color today.

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